“I served on the Board of Directors of the International Anaplastology Association (IAA) for eight years during which time we had three failed executive management teams.  During my term as President in 2013, I headed the hiring committee to find a new Executive Director for the association.  After an exhaustive search, we hired Maxim Management owned by Rachel Brooke.  Rachel has become the heart of the association.  She has helped to define the vision and goals of our international group.  She has developed a good understanding of our profession which has proven to be an asset when she is planning the association’s annual meetings. In 2018, I joined the Board of Directors of the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA).  My colleagues and I were so impressed with Rachel that we also hired her to be the Executive Director of our certification board.  I am currently the Vice President of the BCCA and I can say that Rachel has proven to be an invaluable professional liaison between our association and our certification board. She has impeccable managing skills which has been a blessing in managing this unique group of medical artists. She is smart and extremely personable.  She’s our rock!”

  • Jay McClennen, AOCA, CCA, CFm, Chief Clinical Anaplastologist, The Anaplastology Clinic

“It has been just under a year since we hired Rachel Brooke of Maxim Management to replace our outgoing Executive Director.  In that time, she has proved to be an invaluable asset to our trade association. At the time of her hire, I was Vice President of the Association and also served on the Succession Committee responsible for screening candidates for the position.  Following a thorough review, Rachel was by far the standout and obtained all the qualities we were looking for.  To sum Rachel up in just a few words I would say – transparency, strong-willed, focused, intelligent and financially responsible.” 

  • Sean Flanagan, President and CEO, United States Tournament of Dance (USTD)

“Maxim Management has been supplying digital marketing services on a variety of BMW projects for the past seven years. 

Rachel Brooke has proven herself many times over to have clear leadership strengths, excellent communication skills, to be a clear thinker under pressure, deadline and budget conscious and always one step ahead of the curve. A standout multi-year project, BMW “How To” videos, is a hallmark of Rachel’s drive to deliver content. She is genuinely friendly and respectful while approaching every project in a thorough and meticulous way.

Rachel proves to be highly creative and collaborative, and eager to develop successful initiatives that generate results.  She is extremely dependable, and you can always be sure that when a commitment is made, she will make it happen.  She has a talented team that fits well into projects and her management style is empowering, trusting and supportive which is a rare blend that is greatly appreciated.  Without hesitation I would work with her again, she is a strong asset to any organization.”

  • Neil Moreno, Senior Manager, Media & Film Production, Brand & Communications | C4-US-B-3, BMW of North America, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel Brooke and Maxim Management for over ten years during my time serving on our state’s professional organization board for Audiologists.  During this time, Rachel has been nothing but an exceptionally professional, diligent, honest, and knowledgeable Executive Director.  She has always been extremely flexible and generous with her own time.  Her creativity in finding ways to facilitate group dynamics and offering invaluable advice has led to many successful projects and initiatives within our organization.  Rachel’s knowledge of budgeting, accounting, and law have contributed to many informed, responsible decisions within our organization.  The contributions she has made to our professional organization are appreciated and I truly can’t imagine our organization without Rachel serving as our Executive Director.

  • Devon L. Weist, Au.D, CCC-A, FAAA, Audiology Clinical Instructor and Director, University of South Florida

“As a past president of our board, I cannot image planning an event without Rachel Brooke on our team as Executive Director! She is personable, detail oriented, organized, and efficient.  Rachel helps guide the board to make decisions in the best interest of the membership, while offering excellent advice based on her extensive experience in association management.”

  • Suzanne Verma, MAMS, CCA, Advanced Prosthetics Restorations

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